Stephanie McMahon Teases WWE Roleplaying Game

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On my 2022 bingo card, I did not expect a WWE Roleplaying game to be on the board. Every wrestling game I have ever known has been nothing but straight wrestling.

WWE SuperStage

There is one dedicated to cards, but it still shows cards slapping each other in a ring. That might not sound fun, but you would be surprised by how much time you could kill on a mobile game, especially one based on Candy Crush mechanics.

WWE Candy Crush Mechanics

During an investor’s call, Stephanie mentioned both mobile games and a new deal:

“We continue to see strength in the performance of our mobile games, with 2K and Scopely’s Supercard and Champions, and recently signed a new deal in the role-playing game space that will be announced soon.”

Stephanie also mentioned that over 80% of WWE’s fanbase self-identify as gamers. Well, who does not play video games nowadays anyway? We do not have to sit down and play Elden Ring for hours a day, but WWE knows they can appeal to the lowest common denominator with WWE Champions.

Having a roleplaying game out of nowhere to break away from the mold is not a new concept. I mean, we did have this:

What do you think a WWE Roleplaying game would entail?

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