“It’s Easy To Get A PlayStation 5,” Says Twitter User Who Needed To Follow Twenty Twitter Accounts

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Some of the latest PlayStation 5 news has hit the gaming world. There are some exciting games and features for players who own a PlayStation 5.

Of course, whenever you look under a tweet about PlayStation 5 news, there is always an interaction between a Twitter user who can’t walk into a store and walk out with a PlayStation 5 and someone who bought one from a scalper.

Because of reasons the average person wouldn’t understand, so we won’t bother trying to explain it, we still can’t walk out of a Best Buy with a PS5 like they’re just sitting there on a shelf like the Xbox Series S is.

“Yeah, that all sounds nice, it would also be nice if we could get a PlayStation 5.” The interaction always starts like this.

“Lol, a PS5 is easy to get,” A user always replies to that statement who has done one of the three:

  • Pretended like they didn’t buy it from a scalper.
  • Pretended like they didn’t need to follow twenty Twitter accounts to blow their phone up when restocks happened.
  • Pretended like they didn’t use bots or paid for someone who has a bot to grab a PS5 for them.
  • Didn’t suck off their neighbor Harold and Kumar-style in exchange for a $5 discount for their PS5.

Well, the last one is the least likely, as no gamer would stoop that low for a video game system, right?

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