Google Translate: The Bane of Japanese Twitter

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As someone who secretly follows Japanese wrestlers, the weirdest thing I see too often is how much non-Japanese Twitter users take their Google-Translated tweets too literally.

Google Translate Results I farted in my tomato soup

As we all know, Google Translate isn’t the best app for translating anything. Japanese are probably the worst offenders. I typed “I farted in my tomato soup” into Google translate and set it to English > Japanese.

Google Translate Results I chatted in my tomato soup

I immediately switched it to Japanese > English to find, in horror, that it roughly translated to “I chatted with tomato soup.”

I didn’t chat with tomato soup.

I farted in it.

If a Japanese server at a restaurant told you, “トマトスープでおしゃべりしました” you would raise an eyebrow wondering why they had a conversation with your soup before they served it to you when, in fact, they farted in it.

Now for the context: The past couple of days, we’ve seen some cryptic tweets from Kota Ibushi.

Twitter I will Go Wrinkle

Of course, they’re not very cryptic to someone who can read and speak Japanese without having to click on the Google Translate feature.

In the scheme of things, the tweet has a much darker meaning and average Kota Ibushi enjoyers who don’t understand a lick of Japanese are merely speculating on rough translations.

Either that, or they’ve completely given up and have resorted to posting highlights, GIFs, and pics of Kota Ibushi claiming no one is supporting him.

Either that or people are pressuring people who actually learned Japanese to tell them exactly what is happening.

I think @Golden_kuma said it best:

If you feel you need to pressure people to stay in the know about a Japanese wrestler, then here’s a Japanese Rosetta Stone for $11.99 a month. If that’s too much for you, then here’s a generic job application:

Employment Application

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