Who Could Daniel Radcliffe Play in A Final Fantasy XIV Movie?

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In a movie, no one really asked for, on a streaming service two people watch: Daniel Radcliffe will play the role of Weird Al Yankovic in a biopic about a man who is still very much alive.

Of course, now that we know there is a movie coming out about Weird Al, we now operate on the belief that we have wanted this all along. One thing that popped into my head when I scrolled through the inevitable Twitter discourse surrounding Daniel Radcliffe’s casting was: What role could Daniel Radcliffe play in a live-action version of the hit MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV?

Daniel Radcliffe

Now, before you think Daniel Radcliffe’s casting for a Weird Al movie is, well, weird, you must know that the man himself handpicked Radcliffe for the role believing he has a striking similarity to his younger self.

Daniel Radcliffe Images from Rotten Tomatoes

Daniel Radcliffe is no stranger to taking whatever he wants as a role after Harry Potter. He took his wizarding money and said, “I do what I want.” What way to separate yourself from being a child wizard than hanging dong in one of your first movies away from your intended typecast.

That is why we can see Daniel Radcliffe play any of the following roles in a live-action Final Fantasy XIV movie.

Crystal Exarch

FFXIV Crystal Exarch

Notice I was very careful not to say, G’raha Tia. Is it me or is there a noticeable difference between the two? I know they are the same person, but the same derpy cat boy who struggled to eat a burger cannot be the same badass wizard who built a city around a giant magical crystal against light zombies. To be fair, G’raha Tia becomes the hero he is always wanted to be by the end of Endwalker, but that is when we will decide whether the unmasked Crystal Exarch should just be Radcliffe or if we should think about Elijah Wood.


FFXIV Emet-Selch

How long has it been since the end of Harry Potter? Daniel Radcliffe should be old enough to play a not-really-evil-British-space-traveling-wizard-grandpa, right? I mean, even if he is not old enough, we have used the magic of cinema to de-age certain actors, we could probably make them older too.

Daniel Radcliffe Adult

Not the kind of older where they thought they could pass this off as an “adult”



Shut up, this is our fancast.

What role could you see Daniel Radcliffe playing in a Final Fantasy XIV movie?

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