Square Enix Sheds Its Reputation as A Poser and Focuses on Catgirls

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A “poser,” you know how old the writer of this is, but that doesn’t change the point: Square Enix is finally done assuming they know what Westerners want. I think of the meme with a bunch of Japanese businessmen being shocked over something so trivial, and that couldn’t be closer to what’s happening here. Square Enix decided to offload their Western Studios and focus on what made them successful in the first place: Catgirls.

FFXIV Catgirls

Yes, the head honchos at Square Enix decided the only way to appeal to the Western audience was by not pretending to know what they wanted. The Western audience came to Square Enix, we didn’t need them knocking on our doors with a terrible Avengers game.

Marvel Avengers

We loved watching the Avengers, we didn’t need to play as them, but we’re not going to rub salt in their wounds. They already know they screwed the pooch with multi-million-dollar losses.

At least they were relatively open about how much they underperformed with Western titles.

Fortunately, Square Enix can shed off the FUBU gear, Ray-Ban glasses, and puffy vests and return to what they did best: Making whatever Japanese stuff they wanted and attracting closet weeaboos.

That’s why Square Enix decided to wash their hands of everything and return to its roots. They dumped most of their Western Studios and decided to focus on their true passion: Blockchain.

…wait, what?

Naoki Yoshida on the Microphone

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