Netflix With That Pikachu Face After Being Sued by Own Shareholders

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Variety reported that shareholders are so unhappy with Netflix that they are suing the streaming giant for misleading them.

Pokemon Pickachu
Pokemon Pickachu

Shock, so what you are telling me is that a fickle streaming service gallivanting as a “streaming giant” that cancels good shows and recycles bad content while upcharging their subscribers needs to falsify their growth to their own shareholders? Well, color us shocked.

Sense8 Netflix TV Serie
Sense8 Netflix TV Serie

Netflix only wants to drop its massive budget on big shows like Stranger Things instead of giving good shows time to build themselves into bigger shows. Even if shows trend wildly on social media and are extremely popular, Netflix tries to tell us that the viewers do not justify the costs of the show. Well, it is costing them.

The Adam Project
The Adam Project

It is costing them so much that Netflix thought they could fool their investors, people who have enough financial education to know when they are being finessed, that the streaming service was not losing subscribers. With Paramount+, Hulu, Peacock, and other streaming services on the rise, the last thing Netflix wants to do is intentionally mislead people with money.

Netflix is going to have to do something crazy to stay on top like, maybe, listening to their viewers? Maybe? Possibly?

A crazy concept, I know.

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