Playerbase Drops As Players Realize Phasmophobia Ghosts Aren’t Real

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Virtual reality has been trying to blur the lines between reality and gaming for years, and players have started catching on. In recent VR history, developers have realized that scare sells. It’s not like movies, television, or books where sex is the main driving force behind sales. Developers of virtual reality games know that people want to have their hearts stopped for a brief moment when something pops up in front of them.

Phasmophobia has capitalized on not only jump scares, but also on tension so tight you could cut it with the safety spoons they give us in the psych wards.

I mean, I don’t know what they use there.

Unfortunately for Phasmophobia’s developers, players are catching on that the ghosts in Phasmophobia aren’t real, and are leaving the game at an alarming rate.

“We just feel foolish,” One user Vlogs on their YouTube channel as they wear their virtual reality headset before walking directly into a house cactus, “I’ve put two good years of my life into Phasmophobia thinking I was a real-life paranormal investigator.”

Another user, who received a real-life injury from playing Phasmophobia is contemplating a lawsuit against the developers claiming they made a game that only had a handful of maps you play over and over felt so real that they somehow fell down the stairs of their grandmother’s apartment, not even wearing a virtual reality headset.

Developers responded by promising a new welcome screen to warn players that Phasmophobia is not real and to go outside once in a while to ensure they know the feel of real grass.

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