Omori On the Nintendo Switch Means We will Be Depressed on Mobile

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Therapists everywhere are looking at houses they plan on buying with the influx of new clients they’ll get once Omori releases for the Nintendo Switch. When we did our playthroughs of Omori when it was released on Steam, we couldn’t even finish working on our guides because the game took us to places we thought only we went through.

Omori Pre Order Information

Omori definitely had us at the edge of our seats wondering at every step, what the heck we were even doing. The initial playthrough of Omori was nothing like we have ever seen before, and we have played Earthbound. Do you know that feeling of playing something for the first time and you think it is the next best thing since sliced bread? Well, that is how we were with Omori.

Omori Hero It is so strange We search all over the place

Sure, the gameplay was unique, and we enjoyed the cute graphics, but there was something about the themes of suicide, anxiety, and all mental anguish that slowly makes its way into the story that makes us worry about those picking it up for the Nintendo Switch.

Omori After all eating all the food everyone fell asleep except me

About a year ago we put out a post on our sister website, GameDom, about whether Omori was safe for kids. Spoiler alert: It is not. Even with the collective age of everyone involved in getting our Omori guides out there being three digits, we still had a hard time stomaching some of the graphic scenes and jump scares that Omori.

Of course, you could call us chickens. Worse than the one you beat up in Skyrim to draw the ire of villagers or the ones who would murder you in old Zelda games but call us what you like: Omori is going to get people to think twice.

If you haven’t played Omori on Steam and will go into the game completely blind, then let us warn you: It’s not for the faint of heart (or mind).

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