Your Favorite FFXIV NPCs And Their Favorite Fast Food Places

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We spend so much time arguing over our favorite NPCs that we don’t talk about the important things, like what their favorite fast food places could be. Yeah, let’s start that discourse.

We all have our favorite fast food places. If you’re like me, I get fries from one place and burgers from another. However, there’s that one place we can get food from over and over without ever getting tired of it. Imagine if our favorite FFXIV NPCs had their favorite fast food places. Of course, they can’t tell us, but we can guess what they are based on their personalities.

Alphinaud and Alisae – Subway

FFXIV Alphinaud and Alisae - Subway

Let’s be real: The twins do everything together, but they want at least one place where they can be themselves. Have it your way, right? Alisaie can watch Alphinaud order and then order the exact opposite of what he orders just so she can be an individual.

Thancred – Taco Bell

FFXIV Thancred - Taco Bell

Thancred will do everything, including sacrificing his well-being, for his own friends. However, in earlier expansions, I got the lone wolf vibe from him. He seemed to disappear and do his own thing. What would he be doing? I can tell you that: Taco Bell shits.

Y’shtola – Sonic

FFVIX Y’shtola - Sonic

As level as Y’shtola is, she would absolutely go cat crazy over the brain freeze at Sonic. Imagine Y’shtola sitting around on a mount finding contained joy in watching Hrothgar on roller skates.

FFXIV Urianger - Starbucks

Yes, Urianger would love Starbucks. It might not be a traditional fast food place, but Urianger would love his long orders like it was pumpkin spice season. Imagine Urianger ordering Starbucks like a California girl wearing Ugg boots, except in his old style English for no reason.

Think of other FFXIV NPCs, which places would be their favorite and why?


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