Watching Dragonsong’s Reprise Racers Makes Me Feel So Inadequate at Final Fantasy XIV

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We are facing Thordan once again in FFXIV, but this time: He is on steroids. After watching Game of Thrones and learning how to control dragons, he comes back with the hardest (currently) fight of the game: Dragonsong’s Reprise (Ultimate).

Of course, to even get to Dragonsong’s Reprise (Ultimate) you need to have finished Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (Savage), and I cannot even get a tank in Duty Finder to move the dragon in Brayflox out of the poison puddles.
As of writing this, it does not look like the best groups in the game have taken it down yet.
I am currently watching to see if Thoughts Per Second can win the race. Of course, I am not particularly invested in any of the groups as I am not privy to the hardcore scene. The hardest content I have done since Endwalker was released was Hydaelyn Extreme.
Scrolling through Twitter and watching the hardcore progress makes me feel completely inadequate. This is normal animal behavior though. It is like an amateur artist watching an art stream of someone who can pump out an anime Mona Lisa in 4 hours or a button masher watching a fighting game tournament.
I am glad that the hardcore scene has something to keep them invested. I know between major content patches, the hardcore players of FFXIV feel left out. There’s always some kind of discourse surrounding them feeling like they are not important. I feel for them. It is like not being allowed to sit at the cool kid’s table all school year, but then the rest of the kids find out their father was an overnight crypto-billionaire and now everyone wants to be their friend.
The hardcore raiders of FFXIV make me want to be a better player. Of course, I am a controller player on the PC, so there is already a stigma against my people, so I’m made to think I’m limited in my ability, according to Twitter and Reddit.

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