The Unbearable Weight of Byregot’s Chest

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Are they Gods or are they Primals? Right now, we do not care. We cannot get past the pectoral muscles on this mad lad. That is all we could focus on during the cutscene where they do the cliche fantasy thing of floating divinities. We get it, you have powers. So do we, we mixed salad at the edge of existence with Zenos. If we wanted to float, we could float, but you do not see us doing that.

FFXIV Byregot the God of art and architecture

Floating aside, we almost did not care about the other deities floating around with Byregot. We had a Ramuh spin-off, a God with a head where his ass would be, and Suzaku’s mother. However, we could not get over the fact that the main speaker among this group is a guy whose sole personality is “Ripped Bob the Builder.”

Byregot, the God of art and architecture carries around a hammer and can rightfully be proud of the fact that he is a beefy construction worker. His whole gimmick is having quads the size of Elon Musk’s Thanksgiving Turkey. The main thing we are focused on is his chest size.

Byregot is the antithesis of Vauthry

Byregot is the antithesis of Vauthry. Even when Vauthry underwent emergency liposuction to look like blonde Fabio, he could not hold a candle to Byregot, let alone motorboat him. Bryegot’s chest looks so rock-hard that if he were to chest bump Dwayne Johnson, Dwayne would get knocked out so hard he would do another movie with Kevin Hart.

Alas, holding an unbearable weight of massive pecs means a strict routine of protein rich Goobues, protein shakes, and bench-pressing Titan daily while using Levithan as a jump rope.

We are excited to find out if the people who bless our catgirls during wedding ceremonies are actually primals or if they’re truly deities who were too chicken-shit to show themselves when Hydaelyn was around.

Regardless, Byregot’s man boobs will always be in the back of our minds.

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