Naoki Yoshida Provides an Update on A Graphics Update for Final Fantasy XIV

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A graphical update is coming to Final Fantasy XIV, and for the 5 people who legitimately own a PlayStation 5 without buying it from scalpers or botting for it: That’s great news. Of course, there’s also the crowd of people who know about computers enough to blow consoles out of the water, but they either refuse to give up their secrets or they won’t dumb down the process for us who just want to push a button and log into Eorzea.

Final Fantasy XIV Character Visuals
Final Fantasy XIV Character Visuals

I mean look at this. Final Fantasy XIV isn’t very taxing on the five-year-old computer that I bought pre-made at Best Buy because I’m the person that tech support hates (“Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on?”), but I feel the moment I turn on high-res options will shaders, I will spark a miniature nuclear event in my house. Sparks would fly from behind my wooden desk where I have no semblance of wire organization. The entire neighborhood would be lost in a firestorm. It would look like California on a normal day.

Naoki Yoshida Wants to Add Visible Pores

Final Fantasy XIV Character Visuals Too
Final Fantasy XIV Character Visuals Too

After talking about his completely intentional faux pas with the housing system, Naoki Yoshida decided to divert attention away from pixelated houses and made us focus on pixelated pores instead. The FFXIV community is fickle enough when they’re not trying to cancel everyone for being human to hyper focus on something trivial, fortunately.

Naoki Yoshida totally said this in a translated interview that wasn’t publicly posted. Source: Dude, trust me.

Dude Trust Me
Dude Trust Me

“After much consideration, we decided to make visible pores to distract role-players from the fact that we’ve seen the used “navel” used in so many erotic roleplaying situations. Say “belly buttons” you cowards. We want to see our characters sweat with a code that makes them sweat even more with armpit stains when they’re clearly the ones who caused a wipe. Now players no longer need to ask who caused a wipe. Just look for the guiltiest person.”

Now, we must wait for 7.0, when we inevitably travel to the New World in FFXIV and find out it’s just Los Santos from GTA V because, why not? We’ve had the same GTA across three generations of consoles now.

Side Question: Stop Estinien from getting caught up in a drug deal that he thinks is a “spice trade” because he doesn’t know how to spend money.

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