If Snoop Dogg Played Final Fantasy XIV, What Job Would He Play?

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In a post that was 100% not inspired by taking an edible and staring out the window hoping to see an outdoor cat, we thought about what job Snoop Dogg would play if he started Final Fantasy XIV.

Snoop Dogg doing side quests

Snoop Dogg is no stranger to doing side quests. This man did what he wanted to do in life, so he is just doing whatever he wants to do. It is not what people want him to do, it really just is what he wants to do. He wakes up one day and decides to go to India to shoot a music video because he wanted to circulate in Bollywood.

Final Fantasy 14 battle with the virtual catgirls

Fortunately, for Snoop Dogg, Final Fantasy XIV offers that exact same freedom in a game filled with virtual catgirls. He can wake up one day and jam out with Bards in Limsa, then help British moon rabbits collect carrots the next. FFXIV is an open world where you can do anything you want as long as you do not post about it on Twitter for people to tell you that you’re wrong.

Going back to Snoop Dogg, let us unnecessarily analyze which jobs he would be interested in:


Final Fantasy 14 Bard Girl

Bard would make a lot of sense, right? He would level Archer by killing random stuff outside Gridania for hours on a muted stream until he got the Bard soul stone. After that, he would play his songs in Limsa while a line of virtual catgirls bounced around him with glowsticks.


Final Fantasy 14 Monk

We are only putting Monk here because we do not even think Yoshi-P knows the current Monk rotation. We tried watching a video guide explaining it, but it was just some guy pushing buttons hoping we would know what was going on. That guy and the five people in all FFXIV who know how to play Monk would welcome Snoop Dogg with open arms as he did no positionals and only pushed stuff when they flashed. What? That is how the average person plays Monk anyway, right?


Final Fantasy 14 Scholar

Scholar would make the most sense for Snoop Dogg. When we started this post, we thought about adding Dark Knight, but we do not need Snoop Dogg to melt his brain with the Dark Knight story quests. But we are almost sure Snoop Dogg would skip cutscenes. Either he is a cutscene skipper or he would lean in really far into his camera to read the cutscenes on his Twitch Stream. Anyway, Scholar is a great choice for Snoop Dogg for lower levels because he could just push whatever and poor Eos would do the rest.

However, we do see him summoning and releasing the fairies as he is pushing buttons. We do not see him going too far into FFXIV, as he is known to rage quit games live on Streams. One wrong move in the new Cape Westwind mind send him over the edge.

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