I Totally Forgot About the Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV

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2021 was a rough year for all of us.

So was 2020.

Well, and 2019.

Actually, every year is a rough year when we feel happier in a virtual world than we do in a real one.

That is why, when Island Sanctuary was announced, we were all excited to drop our weapons and play Stardew Valley-like content in Final Fantasy XIV where Chocobos and Horses somehow exist together (Chocobos were based on horses, right?)

One hype fueled Endwalker release and a bit of content drought later, I am only just remembering that Island Sanctuary was supposed to be a thing.

Maybe I repressed it from the wave of sadness I have experienced these past couple of housing bidding cycles.

The announcement of the Letter from the Producer Live LXXI on July 1st, 2022, has some people suggesting (according to the roadmap) that there is going to be some mention of Island Sanctuary.

If Island Sanctuary is anything like Stardew Valley, or even Harvest Moon, there better be some romanceable NPCs.

Do not think we forgot about THIS:

Final Famtasy XIV Screenshot
Final Famtasy XIV Screenshot

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