How Often Are The Lines Blurred Between Roleplaying and Real-Life?

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“Who was that other man you were talking to, Cindy?”

“First of all, my name is Krystswys Thubyrthota.”

The other day I noticed a friend of mine in FFXIV, who normally walks around with her RP sign turned on, without her RP sign. I know sometimes people need a break from roleplaying, but she’s the type of person who logs in exclusively to roleplay, so I was shooketh to the 13th shard when I saw her doing content outside of Limsa Lominsa.

FFXIV Role Playing Game Scene

When I asked her about it, she told me she needed a break from roleplaying. Apparently, her last RP partner was so angry at the fact that she was roleplaying with another man that he lashed out at her. But he didn’t lash out at her Roegadyn, he lashed out at her. She had already set that boundary with him not to blur the lines between roleplaying and real life, but of course, over time, she started losing her Roegadyn name with him.

FFXIV Role Playing Game Scene Second

Now, I don’t roleplay. The few times I’ve tried it’s always led in a weird direction that made me super uncomfortable. It was like “Hark maiden, lovely day is it not?” to “Take off your pants,” in a matter of minutes. But this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of these lines being blurred.

I follow enough people on Twitter to see the complaints of roleplay partnerships ending over the fact that one of them confused the in-game relationship with a real one, without the other person’s consent.

So how often are the lines blurred between roleplaying and real-life in FFXIV? Is this normal? Or is the situation not so black-and-white that someone who doesn’t roleplay, such as myself, is left in a state of generalizing what is actually happening when two people are sitting around the Limsa crystal for hours staring at each other’s character.

All I know is they’re surely not helping each other assemble Ikea furniture, I know that much.

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