Final Fantasy XIV Developers Plan On Releasing A Feature No One Asked For

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If there’s anything the FFXIV developers are good at doing: It’s listening to their fanbase. Whenever FFXIV fans ask for anything, the devs are good about giving it to us. They’re like the mother to a kid during a divorce to earn that kid’s favor. Of course, the developers also have an evil half where they ignore some obvious quality of life upgrades that will reduce our dependence on third-party programs.

In a move that no one saw coming, Naoki Yoshida responded to the backlash by releasing a feature absolutely no one asked for: A notification when people examine your character.

FFXIV community on Mods

While the FFXIV community continues arguing about mods, add-ons, and third-party tools, Naoki Yoshida was hard at work making Limsa Lominsa even more embarrassing. We used to move past a character, line of sight them, then discreetly turn our heads to examine their stuff.

Even with the addition of adventurer plates, we still find it really awkward to look at other people. It’s like the game is full of people who look down at their feet when they’re walking around in real life.

FFXIV Feedback Users on Mods

Now, imagine the same reality we had over a decade ago in Final Fantasy XI, but in FFXIV. The only ones who see this practice as “rude” in FFXIV are the ones who come from FFXI, let’s be real. I can tell who didn’t play FFXI: The cat girls who walk right up to my character in FFXIV, silently judging me, screenshotting me for their Discord, saying “LOL” in their FC as they talk about my spell speed melds to their Free Company.

Imagine if we had that feature?

Fortunately, it’s not real. Yet.

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