FFXIV Developers Should Ban Former World of Warcraft Players

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As the title suggests, it’s time to require proof during registration of the hit MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, that players did not previously come from the wildly unsuccessful MMORPG: World of Warcraft.


Why do we need to ban and unwelcome former World of Warcraft players?

Let’s discuss:

World of Warcraft Players Bring Different Ideas For Accessibility

World of Warcraft Click Cast Bindings

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve had nonstop discourse over third-party tools. World of Warcraft players are no stranger to third-party tools. How dare these former players, most of whom use third-party tools to make their gaming experience more accessible, bring these ideas into our wholesome Final Fantasy XIV community?

Final Fantasy XIV doesn’t have many native options for those with certain disabilities or injuries, and to ask our almost God-level director, Naoki Yoshida, to implement these is irresponsible.

World of Warcraft Players Threaten Our Wholesome Positivity

FFXIV Slime Face in the water

Final Fantasy XIV players enjoy a utopia of wholesomeness. There is no such thing as toxicity in FFXIV. When you log in for the first time, there’s nothing but hundreds of cat girls with names that look like they’ve bashed their skull into their keyboard rushing to give you gil in exchange for real life money.

You don’t find that aura of positivity in World of Warcraft. The game has become synonymous with toxicity and negativity, much like the Persona community.

World of Warcraft Players Are Bad in General

FFXIV Heavensward Three

World of Warcraft players are generally bad at Final Fantasy XIV. Their skills for mashing buttons doesn’t translate well into a game that requires effective combinations. How can you tell a player comes from World of Warcraft? Well, you’ll see a little sprout by their name and they normally stand in the orange AOE indicators. Chad Final Fantasy XIV players who only play FFXIV and nothing else have a crown next to their names…

…and they’re the most wholesome and welcoming people in the game.

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