3 FFXIV Characters Who Would Be Good at Fortnite

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In an article that absolutely no one asked for, we are going to take a look at some non-playable characters from the hit MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, and see how good they would actually be at Fortnite. Fortnite, a game that everyone says they do not enjoy, but secretly play (like Nickelback), is playable on almost every system from the Nintendo Switch to the Blackberry (we are totally making this up). Who is to say it is not playable on a tomestone between saving the world for the hundredth time? Now, let us make up complete nonsense and speculate which FFXIV characters would be decent at Fortnite.


FFXIV Magnai Good at Fortnite

Magnai fits the stereotype of a Fortnite player. He sits at home all day, is pissed off all the time, and cannot get a girlfriend. The type of player Magnai would be in Fortnite is the rager. He is the try-hard who blames everyone but himself for his shortcomings. Of course, the only thing keeping him from swimming in the depths of the Seven Hells are the small victories he accumulates in Fortnite and laughing at dance emotes from cash he is not spending on women.


FFXIV Tataru Good at Fortnite

If you have not finished the Endwalker expansion, then you should skip this explanation about Tataru because we are going to mention something. Shoo.

Anyway, if you have finished the Endwalker expansion, then the only reason we are putting Tataru on this list is that we just KNOW she sowed the seeds of disbanding the Scions and setting up her criminal grand endeavor to afford Fortnite skins. Much like Magnai, she has a big empty area where she can yell at the microphone all she wants at 12-year-olds in the same way she crushed Alphinaud in Stormblood. 

G’raha Tia

FFXIV G’raha Tia Good at Fortnite

You do not create a city around a giant crystal and develop a formidable standing army to fight off light zombies while hoarding resources if you do not know how to build the Eiffel Tower while getting shot at. G’raha Tia might look like a soft fanboy, but he has proven himself to step up and be the hero he is always wanted to be when things get tough. We do not want the type of fury he can unleash when it is down to him and some kid whose mom is yelling at them to come down for dinner.

Who else from FFXIV would be decent in Fortnite that are not Loporrits?

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