Father Will not Let Man Marry His Daughter Unless He Clears Dragonsong Ultimate

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I thought I felt inadequate watching hardcore racers attempt the Dragonsong Ultimate World Clear racing. Imagine knowing that ultimate content based on a story from four expansions ago stands between you and marrying the love of your life.

Imagine being a fresh-faced Eorzean, not knowing that years later the very game you played could be the reason the bloodline ends.

For those who cannot read the image, it is basically a man seeking a static because he made the huge mistake of finding out his potential future father-in-law is also a Warrior of Light.

Not only is he seeking a static, but he’s also DESPERATELY seeking a static. A man on his knees, looking for seven other like-minded people to help him kill virtual pixel dragons that can change the entire course of his real life, his happiness, and the future of his bloodline.

Do you think he would be as happy as them?

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