Cosplayer With Large Breasts Receives Backlash For Not Cosplaying Tifa

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Anyone can cosplay as anything they want. Unfortunately, the backlash for a new cosplayer isn’t about who they’re cosplaying, but who they aren’t cosplaying.

A new cosplayer, who happens to have large breasts, wants to do their own thing and cosplay as whoever they want. However, comments on their social media accounts have suggested that it’s a rite of passage to cosplay as Tifa.

“Everyone else does it,” One user replies to a post where they talk about wanting to follow their own path in cosplay.

“Have you ever seen a person with large breasts who DIDN’T cosplay as Tifa?” Another user responds.

Yoshinori Kitase, the director of the original Final Fantasy VII game, has privately admitted that Tifa was not part of the game’s original story.

ブリトー。 タコスタコス。 ブリトー。 タコス。 タコスタコス。



Translation: “We needed a character that people would cosplay for decades as it’s really easy to do if you’re remotely attractive, own a white shirt, gloves, a wig, and a pair of honkey-tonk-badonky-donkers.”

The cosplayer has gone private, as they know the internet will eventually move onto something else to be outraged by because we have the attention span of a gnat.


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